From business objective to collateral

We strategise, and get it done

Think of us as your extended team: we sit with you and co-create strategy and then deliver on it.
“You walked the talk while always putting that mirror up in-front of us. It was a lot more skin in the game than anything.”
Turno EV

Services we offer

New strategies (or review existing) - marketing, brand, growth, PLG, community, etc
Micro-strategies for launch, GTM, SEO, campaigns, talent branding, etc
Pitch strategy for fundraising, sales
Storytelling around brand, product, culture, founders, company
Brand identity - logo, style, tone, pillars, brandbook, etc.
Compelling content - videos, creative design and text - customer stories, product demos blogs, socials, decks and more
Websites (we use Webflow)
Ads & other creatives - text, carousel, video, print, etc.
Growth experiments - including ads on Meta, Google, LinkedIn, etc.
Others - MarTech stacks, market research, event marketing, etc.

Models we operate on

A little help

A block of time

For occasions when only a little help - a few hours - is needed.
Quick start
Typical use: 10hrs/month
Can be used for strategy or execution
Great use case: Advisory to you and your team
Per hour billing
Example: Avaana wanted support on improving it's pitch deck - narrative and design.
Limited scope

Project based

For instances where the scope or work and timelines are clear.
Well defined brief (we will support scoping activity)
Typical timelines: 30 days to 3 months
Can be in strategy and/or execution
Weekly progress reporting
Milestones based payments
Example: Propelld wanted strategic support to raise awareness - we built a SEO site.
The whole thing


For times when a lot of work is needed, and in different directions.
Broad scope of work based on objectives and directions
Monthly goals + weekly reporting
Strategy and execution
Close integration with team
Monthly payments
Example: Turno EV wanted support with launching its marketing effort - 8mo.

Common Questions

You have questions. We have answers.
Who are the founders of CoreVoice?
Our founders are Amrit and Amrut (together as Amrxt) - who worked on their first project together in 2006. Meet the team here.
What kind of clients does CoreVoice work with?
Most of our clients are tech startups who like working with us because of our hybrid engineering + creative background.
What if I'm not a deep-tech startup?
Not all our clients are tech startups (for e.g.: IIT Madras is our client). If we are uniquely poised to help you, then we'd be happy to help.
Which contract models do you operate on?
We operate on per usage rates, project-basis and on retainer-ships. The contract model can be arrived at after scoping requirements.
What if I don't know the scope of work I want?
We understand and appreciate that your business is fluid and it is hard to make a clear scope of work - we will co-write it with you.
Where are you based?
We are a fully remote company. For on-ground work, we fly; unless it's in Bangalore, Delhi or Goa - where we have staff.
Our philosophy
When the work of amazing people flows from a common core, and they express themselves in a single core voice, their impact increases 11X.
CoreVoice clients are in
SaaS Global
SaaS India
Deep tech
VC firms
From business objective to collateral


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