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Here's a list of Indian Design Studios. If you are a designer looking for a new gig, or a company looking for a studio, then you might find this page useful.
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152co is a relatively new design studio running out of Mumbai with a lean ten-strong team. With clients such as Titan and Palladium, their offerings span the gamut of branding, social media, packaging and illustration.

Ambiguous Solutions

Ambiguous Solutions is a digital marketing agency that offers SEO, social media marketing, web design services, web development, and app development services. Their website is dated.
New Delhi


Animal is an independent creative agency with a focus on strategy in advertising and design, based in New Delhi, New York, and Toronto. In 2020, Animal was included in Adweek's list of 100 Fastest Growing Agencies Worldwide.

Anomaly Brands

Anomaly Brands describe themselves in their About page as brand reinventors and white space explorers. They did an excellent job with Smoor's packaging. They believe brands have become bland and are trying to #MakeBrandsMatter.

Banana Brandworks

Banana Brandworks is an award-winning advertising agency in Chennai. The team provides branding and advertising services to businesses as their main offering.


is a 16 year old all girls (woohoo!) design studio in Mumbai. They describe their work as showcasing brands and their stories for their long term success.
New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore

Big Trunk

Big Trunk is a digital marketing agency with offices in three metro cities and a nice interactive website. They offer a list of services including social media marketing and SEO.
Mumbai, Bangalore


With offices in Dubai and Qatar as well, bloombox (spelt with a small b) describe themselves as brand engineers who were disillusioned with the fact that Indian brands had to go to advertising agencies for their branding. Fight fight fight.
New Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune


Their website reads: The BEST Branding & Digital Marketing Agency in India, that can Bring Traffic, Customers & Cashflow To Your Business. With that copy, they just might be right.


chlorophyll (spelled with a small c) helps you “Mind the Gap” between brand creation and brand execution. It achieves this objective by providing all brand engagement tools, from definition to digital, under one roof.


Codesign is the studio behind the identities of PhonePe, Licious, Serendipity Arts Festival etc. They offer services across three stages in a brand's life: brand creation, brand transformation, and brand consolidation.

Confetti Design

Confetti Design is a relatively young ten-strong studio operating out of Gurugram. They do work across UIUX design, graphic design, and web development.
New Delhi


ContentNinja call themselves proud digital chameleons willing to do your bidding. Boasting of names such as Amazon, PwC, and Vedantu in their clientele, they offer inbound marketing, content marketing and HubSpot services.


CoreVoice is a brand and marketing consultancy focussed on tech firms. They are new, but do fancy things - like host this list.

DAM Design

DAM is a young design studio that calls itself obsessed with crafting bespoke solutions for their client's visual design needs. They have worked on identities for brands such as Open Call India, Gemma, and Learnaut.

DY Works

DY Works is a Mumbai-based studio with a copy-heavy About page, kudos for that, you should have a look yourself. Playboy, PepsiCo, and Amazon have been a few of their happy clients. In addition to branding and packaging, they also offer design thinking and business design services.

Design Stack

Design Stack is a Mumbai-based studio founded by two NID alumni. They have worked for clients such as Godrej & Boyce, TATA, and Mahindra. Branding, brand strategy and marketing communications seem to be their forte.
New Delhi


Designbox is a studio in Delhi that offers branding, packaging, communication design, print illustration, video production, digital marketing, UI/UX design, web & mobile app solutions.

Ek Type

Ek Type is a collaborative type design studio based in Mumbai that specialises in developing fonts across all Indian languages, many of which are multi-script. They are the proud creators of excellent typefaces such as Anek, Sama, Mukta, and Baloo.

Elephant Design

Elephant Design describes itself as a design-led innovation organization that solves complex challenges. It works to create brands, develop products, bring spaces to life, and deliver new experiences.


Founded in 2005 by two NID alumni, EuMo is Eureka Moments. They offer services under the following six verticals: branding, strategy, digital, environments, experiences and hospitality.
Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai


F1Studioz offers innovative UI-UX design and development to meet clients business goals. They help enterprises create delightful product experiences.

Frog Design

Frog is a global creative and design consultancy founded in Germany in 1969. The company was acquired by Capgemini in 2021, and is now a part of Capgemini Invent.

Indian Type Foundry

Indian Type Foundry designs and distributes fine-quality, multilingual fonts for both Indian and the global market. They designed and licensed fonts to some of the world’s most iconic brands including Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony, Amazon and Hyundai to name a few.
New Delhi

Itu Chaudhuri Design

Itu Chaudhuri heads the studio that bears his name. ICD offers services across branding, packaging, digital, communication, and digital realms. Their clients include Crompton Greaves, Eicher, Dr Reddy, Outlook Traveller, and Arundhati Roy.


KL11 is a cross-disciplinary design studio in Kozhikode, Kerala that helps organizations and people discover and communicate their brand values better.


LOCAL is a​ brand strategy ​and design studio based in Mumbai and London.​​ Their aim is to build brands​ that want to change the world: Rooted in the Local, affecting the Global.
New Delhi

Landor & Fitch

Landor & Fitch is a global brand transformation company. They have offices in Mumbai and New Delhi, two of the thirty offices they have around the world.

Leaf Design

Leaf Design is a brand and digital design company based in Mumbai. Some of their clients are Reliance, Parle Agro, Spotify, Viacom18, and Godrej.

Lemon Design

Lemon Design is an award-winning strategic branding and integrated design consultancy based in Pune, India. They use design thinking and user-centric design to create a meaningful difference for brands, spaces, interfaces, packaging, and products.
Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad


Lollypop is a globally renowned UX UI design company that specializes in UX research, user experience design, and user interface design. Some of their clients are Byju's, SBI, Tata Steel, Voot, Oyo, and HDFC.

Lopamudra Creative

Lopamudra Creative offers a range of services across the following headers: branding, marketing, UIUX, packaging, spaces, and print. Check out the copy on their About page.

Lopez Design

Lopez Design offers the services of brand strategy, brand identity, print design, packaging, wayfinding & signage, UI & UX, and space branding. Some of their clients are Nestaway, A23, Bihar Museum, VIP, Mercer Noida, and Central Park Pune.
New Delhi


Taking inspiration from the Marvel Universe, Markivis aspires to be a Marketing JARVIS for their clients. Digital marketing, marketing communication, marketing consulting, employer branding services and account-based marketing are some services they offer.
Bengaluru, Pune

Moonraft Innovation Labs

Moonraft is a design and customer experience company that helps global organizations create and run amazing digital experiences that drive businesses.


November is a Mumbai-based design duo, founded by Shiva Nallaperumal and Juhi Vishnani, that follows a type-led practice. Their Insta bio lists: Art Direction * Design * Typography

Opposite HQ

Opposite is a design studio that works in three areas: Brand Identity Design️, Packaging Design, and User Experience Design. They've done work for clients such as Swiggy, Simba, Kapiva, The Ken, and Hubilo.


Pitchworx is a creative design agency that has worked for startups, SME’s, large corporate, government organizations across verticals. They offer these services: presentation design, video animation, web and mobile development, branding, live shoot, and 3D design.
Chennai, Trivandrum

RR Donnelley

RR Donnelley is an American Fortune 500 integrated communications company that provides marketing and business communications, commercial printing, and related services.
New Delhi

SimplePlan Media

The folks at SimplePlan describe themselves as a team of seasoned digital experts. They offer services in branding, marketing, and designing website and apps.

Social Samosa

Social Samosa is a social media beast. They do a range of things in the social media marketing realm, from creating various types of content to running campaigns.
New Delhi

Squadron 14

Squadron 14 is a creative studio lead by Aditya Melekalam that has worked for clients such as Goodearth, Raw Mango, Sanjay Garg, Benares Store, and Dailyobjects.

Studio ABD

Studio ABD is a design consultancy specializing in innovation, packaging & environment design. We create meaningful and memorable design solutions that evolve brands and delight customers.

Studio Bigfat

Studio Bigfat is an independent multi-disciplinary design studio founded by Aniruddh Mehta. Their services include Branding, Packaging, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Digital Illustration and Motion Design.

Studio CoDe

Studio Code is a multidisciplinary design studio - working in the fields of Architecture, Interior design, Urban design and Visual design since 2010. Clients include Harappa Education, CSBC at Ashoka University and Dr Oetker.

Studio Ping Pong

Studio Ping Pong is a superfresh design studio based in Calcutta. They describe themselves as a a small curious team that listens well, works hard and takes play very seriously. Check their work out!

Studio Sorted

Studio Sorted is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in 2017 by Netra Ajjampur & Abhishek Durani, alumni of the School of Architecture, CEPT University. It broadly functions through its two verticals - Architecture and Visual Design.
New Delhi

The Grafiosi

The Grafiosi is a New Delhi based studio of art and design, specializing in identity creation and evolution. They have worked for clients such as Asian Paints, Hindustan Unilever, Nike, and Penguin Books.

The Turtle Story

The Turtle Story is a Mumbai based multidisciplinary design studio that helps organizations innovate through design. They specialize in branding and packaging design.

Therefore Design

Therefore Design in an integrated brand consultancy that has worked for clients like Haldirams, Vadilal, Baskin Robbins, Piramal Swasthya etc. Do check out their project Facilitating Behavioural Change for Better Nutritional Habits in Tribal Araku.

Umbrella Design

Founded in 2005, Umbrella Design is a studio that offers, in addition to branding, the following services: design for retail, corporate, and industrial spaces, packaging, signage, and advertising.

Universal Thirst

Universal Thirst is a type foundry that specialises in Indic and Latin scripts. It was set up in 2016 by designer and engineer duo Gunnar Vilhjálmsson and Kalapi Gajjar, who draw on their contrasting visual heritage to offer a unique, dual perspective on type.


Visualbest is a branding and graphic design agency in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. In addition to branding, they create collaterals like infographics, explainer videos, landing pages, emailers, presentations, reports etc.

Vitamin D

Founded by a pair of NID-IDC alumni, Vitamin D creates engaging visual stories and experiences - encompassing Branding & Graphics, UX & Digital, Products & communication.

Whoa Mama

Whoa Mama is a graphic design and communication studio that specialises in brand creation and management. They have created identities and content for over 200 brands in their 14 year existence.
New Delhi


It's Who R V - who are we. Well. Whorv is a design, advertising, and digital agency based out of New Delhi. They have worked for clients such as Skoda, Toshiba, and Fujifilm.
New Delhi, Mumbai


The people at Wishbox describe themselves as a team of designers, thinkers, and strategists. They offer services listed under these headers: brand strategy, creative communication, and digital marketing.
From business objective to collateral

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