First things first: we love the idea of something new.

There is a chaotic energy in the air. There is no brief; just a broad understanding of a situation that needs navigating, a few problems that need clarification and solutions. We love bringing order to this chaos. #joy

We are a team of Generalists and Specialists

We work with founders on a broad range of problems - deconstruct them - strategise solutions - create content. We can step back and guide teams, or step in and fix things ourselves.

We are able to do this because the folk at CoreVoice  ("CVlians") come from diverse backgrounds - engineers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. For each project, we form unique pods - that suit the project.

Our Archetypes

If you were to meet any of us and ask us, “tell me about yourself,” this is probably what we’d say: 
Advocates - who believe that startups can change the world for the better.
Storytellers - creative, and eager to weave a narrative.
Seekers - passionate to continuously learn and grow.
Engineer - practical, problems solvers, innovators.
Child-like - with the sense of wonder and humour intact.

Common Questions

You have questions. We have answers.
Have CVlians worked in my industry?
It's likely that one of us have worked in your industry since we have worked across industries - fintech, edtech, agritech, EV, SaaS, and more.
I don't see my industry in that list...
If we are new to your industry, we will learn. To speed up our learning, we might hire a consultant to work with us.
I've heard that you don't work on weekends.
That's correct. We don't work on weekends unless absolutely necessary. And we like to work with teams that use their weekends to recharge.
Will you work on commission?
Since early stage outcomes are not easy to attribute to a single effort, we don't link our fees to outcome based formulas.
Will you be sub-contracting?
We sub-contract to freelancers and studios all the time. This enables us to hire the right team for the right project.
Can you work out of our office?
We are a fully remote company and we service all our contracts remotely. However, if required, we can visit your office once in a while.

Enough talk, meet the CVlians

Amrit Vatsa
Amrit loves to investigate, ask questions and bring clarity - like a detective. He is also an artist and a visual storytelling (images and video). He brings play and a sense of wonder to the table, sort of like a jester.
Amrutash Misra (Amrut)
Amrut is a generalist with multiple interests and competencies. He is curious, thrives in ambiguity and loves to solve puzzles - like an innovator. He loves to mentor and collaborate. And wishes to be a visionary someday.
Radhika Chugh
Head, Product Marketing
Radhika loves to brainstorm and come up with new ideas. She is an avid learner and extremely detail oriented. She loves making sheets and tables. She loves travelling and works from anywhere most months.
Jahnavee Kale
Senior Visual Designer
Jahnavee is a designer by profession - an artist during the day and a philosopher at night, her life revolves around creation and contemplation. She geeks out on fitness stuff and is always planning her next tropical vacation!
Piyush Adwani
Growth Marketer
Piyush likes to crack puns and punish us with that. He loves improvising and finding his answer to “what makes an ideal life.”
Sumiran Dhamaskar
Video Editor
Sumiran is based out of Goa. Like Amrit, Sumiran has shot (photos and videos) at hundreds of weddings - that’s how they met! Creating stunning and memorable AV is his forte.
Pracheta Nayak
Video Storyteller
Pracheta says yes to everything. He loves to cook, cycle, click photographs and read about random stuff on internet.
Mohammed Asif Suhaib (Asif)
Web Developer
Asif is an explorer at heart. He can get on his bike and go just about anywhere. You can also find him getting excited about exploring new and cool places.
Beverly Noronha
Beverly is a writer who loves reading, gardening, and petting dogs. You can always find her buying books or trying out new hobbies.
Lavanya Khare
A writer, reader, and amateur chef; fascinated by all things related to content creation, books, and children's literature. Trying to make sense of the world with good books, great food, and a sprinkling of creativity.
Tanvi Kamat
Video Editor
Tanvi believes that you can truly express yourself through art - check out her Instagram page! She uses this artistic approach to create all of her videos.
Kiran A
Intern, writing
Kiran is an aspiring crazy cat lady who occasionally finds time to be a twenty-one year old finding her way in life.
From business objective to collateral

Optimise for Joy

At CoreVoice, we believe in the transformative power of a happy workplace. If this resonates with you, consider applying to us!