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"We need high quality video case studies to help in our sales process"

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Using customer's voice in MOFU

HyperVerge is a Digital KYC company based out of India. With marquee Indian clients like Jio, SBI, Navi, etc, HyperVerge saw an opportunity to completely capture the Indian digital KYC and video KYC market and accelerate global expansion. But for this to happen quickly, potential clients needed to trust HyperVerge right from the first email or meeting.

Getting the customer's voice

HyperVerge's customers were very happy with HyperVerge tech, with nil churn as proof. Video interviews with them could be used as MOFU (Middle of the Funnel) assets by the sales team to build credibility quickly. Instead of an employee saying "we offer fabulous service," we wanted an existing customer to say "we experienced HyperVerge's service - it was amazing."

However, in a highly competitive sector like BFSI, clients tend to be careful about what they say. Can you imagine a leader from SBI to say on video that SBI had a problem and needed HyperVerge to solve it? Even if we got this video, would releasing the video affect the current relationship between SBI and HyperVerge?

What was needed in this case was excellent interviewing and editing skills. Final videos had to toe the line between customers (large FIs) giving HyperVerge credit, yet not conceding so much ground that they get into a soup with their own leadership and investors. To solve for this, we planned each interview, researched each client and interviewee, and ensured that they said exactly the words we needed them to say. Amrit's experience as an interviewer + editor (since 2014) came in very handy.

In just a few months, we released more than 10 case studies - both video and text - see here. Here's the video customer story for IndMoney:


Almost immediately, the India sales team saw their conversation quality improve. At events, these videos ran back to back in TVs installed at booths. HyperVerge's global teams - Vietnam and Africa - also got videos made by CoreVoice and saw their funnel quality and speed improve.