"Need marketing to compliment sales"

SaaS, B2B, USA
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A new look and feel

B2Brain offers superior B2B account intelligence. Their customers are SaaS companies selling to US companies. Entrepreneurs Sridhar and Karthik built the tool over many years, and hired their first SDR in early 2022 - which is when we started working with them.

Changing the narrative

B2Brain claim was "unfair advantage for competitive sales teams" on their website hero fold. It is true - using B2brain is an advantage to SDRs and AEs. Yet, we took the position that instead of talking about what the toll is, we should talk about what the tool can do for the prospect. This is because the prospect is trying to answer the question, "What job can I hire this tool to do?" This framing is suggested in the Jobs To Be Done framework.

After a lot of discussion, we changed the narrative to start with "increase your sales pipeline by 35-150%." With this direction in mind, we redid B2Brain's website to look more contemporary and also made an animated promotional video. The company's sales pitch also changed accordingly.

Growth experiments

Our mandate from B2Brain also included growth experiments - to try different growth channels and to establish a winning strategy. We were able to establish benchmark costs in different channels for this product-ICP combination. That is, we were able to establish how much would CPC be in Google SEM and LinkedIn Ad campaigns, how much do industry publication collaborations cost, how much impact can SEO have, etc.

A story cut short

Due to the contraction in US SaaS in August 2022, B2Brain had to focus its resources on a single channel - direct sales via SDRs. Thus ended our assignment. Taking a long view, we know that downturns come and go, but entrepreneurs like Sridhar (early employee at Zoho, inMobi) and Karthik (early employee at inMobi) last forever. We're sure that they will turn the tide in their favour.