"We have some problem in hiring, not sure what"

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Solving for Talent hiring

Amrutash was Director, Design for Chargebee in 2018. One of the problems he was working on was that TA and hiring managers felt that there was a problem in the hiring process. Amrut (as an employee) and Amrit (as a consultant - 3minutestories) worked together in solving this, from a talent branding perspective.

Chargebee is a SaaS unicorn with over 1000 employees across the world. But, back in Jan 2018, Chargebee was a Chennai-based Series-B company with 150 employees.

Defining the Problem

It took two months to understand the "hiring problem." Eventually we distilled the issue down to a list of 5 specific issues: 

  1. Job applicants who met Krish, Raman or KPS early in the process were more motivated - these cohorts performed better in test and interview rounds. Other applicants were failing!
  2. Applicants to the engineering team didn't understand that Chargebee is a product company and required applicants to show product mindset.
  3. The solutions team were looking for engineers but they were getting resumes of support executives.
  4. Chargebee wasn't getting enough woman applicants.
  5. Talent from other cities (Bangalore, Pune) weren't applying to Chargebee because it's Chennai based and they didn't see it as a favourable destination.

Solving via video

We interviewed founders and employees, and put together 5 videos - each addressing a specific problem. In the first video, we got the founders to speak about the company, the vision, and what working at Chargebee is like:

In the second video, we shot the founders speak about the unique Chargebee engineering culture.

Then, we moved on to the solutions/support problem. Our approach was simple: let the solutions engineers describe their jobs.

We also recorded women leaders at Chargebee speak about why Chargebee is a great place for women:

Chennai Beyond Stereotypes

For the "Chennai problem," we created a campaign around the idea that every city is viewed through a lens of stereotypes. Our campaign was launched to coincide with #ChennaiWeek. Within days we got 10,000 views - which is great for an employer branding video. Within a year, we had more than 200,000 views.

Looking back

Amrut and Amrit's work with Chargebee was in 2018 - before CoreVoice was founded. Yet, this Amrit-Amrut collaboration is exactly the kind of projects that we do in CoreVoice. We start with a broad problem, and break it down to specifics, and then apply our creativity.

From 2018 to 2022, Chargebee has grown from Series B to Unicorn, from 150 to 1000 people, and from 1 office to 4 (across the world). We feel proud that we made a small contribution in this journey - especially in the talent side of things.