Case Studies

Some of the major projects we've worked on.

Freadom Customer Stories Campaign

#Strategy #Ads #Edtech #CustomerStories #B2C #PreSeriesA

Freadom offers live online English classes for kids. In Oct 2020, the brand was losing money on ads with sub-optimal ROAS. We focussed on creating a pre-trial customer brand experience anchored around real customer stories - and built all properties and communication around that. Link

In 6 months, AOV jumped 7 times, conversion increased 2.5 times and data errors dipped to 0. ROAS jumped 3 times.
Customer story - Ayushman

Club1BR Community driven growth

#GrowthStrategy #Community #Edtech #B2B2C #PreSeriesA

In Feb 2021, Freadom Live English class ads were performing at reasonable revenue/spends - but the company wanted better. We introduced Club1BR - in which schools could introduce the (free) Freadom reading app to their children. Schools would then compete with each other on whose kids have more “reading minutes” on the app. Link

In 4 months, the 3-member core team enrolled more than 1000 schools. The programme generated 3.1 Rs for every rupee spent.

Chargebee Talent Branding

#TalentBranding #Fintech #SaaS #B2B #SeriesC

In Jan 2018, Chargebee was “having trouble with hiring.” We researched and found 3 specific talent acquisition problems for Chargebee - (a) Top of the funnel quality was low (b) Funnel leakage was very high and (c) Out of Chennai talent was not considering Chargebee because they didn't want to live in Chennai. We then created a talent brand to solve for these, including a "viral" video on life in Chennai. Link

Chargebee was a 150 member series C company at the time of executing this project. In 2021, with 1000+ employees, it raised series G and turned unicorn.

BharatAgri Digital Marketing

#DigitalAds #Agritech #B2C #PreSeriesA

BharatAgri is a freemium app for Indian farmers. It provides localised and customised crop related advice. The challenge was to create a campaign for farmers to download the app. Farmers are a T3/T4 regional language audience. We created that campaign in 2020.

In one year, the ads absorbed enough budget for 11m views on YT and 5m on Facebook. Over 700K downloads were attributed directly to the ads.

HyperVerge CoreVoice

#CoreVoice #Sustainability #Fintech #SaaS #B2B

HyperVerge is an AI digital KYC and fraud detection deep-tech company. The founders want to build a profitable enterprise for public good - they have avoided VC capital to allow them to do so. It would take a founder 2-3 hours to explain why (with all the nuances) to stakeholders / partners / prospective and new employees. In 2019, we applied the "dual-purpose company" framework to HyperVerge and created videos explaining the concept to prospective candidates and new employees.

HyperVerge's "contribution approach" was not “CSR” but their “raison d'etre.” Articulating their point of view was key to the founders' ability to thread the narrative of their company.

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