People behind CoreVoice

Know us before you hire us.

We love the idea of something new.

There is a chaotic energy in the air. There is no clear brief; just a broad understanding of a situation that needs navigating, a few problems that need clarification and solutions. Like these:

  1. T has 6 months to go-to-market and prove that their concept has legs. Otherwise they won't be able to raise the next round of funding.
  2. Brand perception for I is stuck in the past.
  3. H's leadership is spending too much time on hiring talent.
  4. B's growth is entirely sales driven. Can marketing play a role?
  5. F has a complex product - and takes hours to explain to prospects.

Generalists and Specialists

We work with founders on a broad range of problems - deconstruct them - strategise solutions - create content. We are able to do this because CoreVoice team members ("CVlians") come from diverse backgrounds - engineers + entrepreneurs + creatives.

We can step back and guide teams, or step in and fix things ourselves.

CoreVoice has an expandable team structure - with core members and contract / freelance partners. For each project, depending on what the project needs, we set up cross-team project pods of specialists.

Our Archetypes

What is a typical CVlian like?

  • Advocates - who believe that startups can change the world for the better.
  • Storytellers - creative, and eager to weave a narrative.
  • Seekers - passionate to continuously learn and grow.
  • Engineer - practical, problems solvers, innovators.
  • Child-like - with the sense of wonder and humour intact.


Amrit and Amrut - Amrxt - met at IIT Madras, where they studied from 2003 to 2008. Their first project together was in 2006.

Amrit (left) and Amrut (right)

Amrit Vatsa

Strategy, Film-maker, Storyteller

  • Consultant, PwC 2008-12
  • Co-founder,, 2012 - present
  • Founder,, 2013 - present

Amrit loves to investigate, ask questions and bring clarity - like a detective. He is also an artist at heart and a natural at visual storytelling (images and video). He brings a bit of play and a sense of wonder to the table, sort of like a jester.

Amrutash Misra

Strategy, Marketer, Generalist

  • MT/BLT, Hindustan Unilever 2008-09
  • Co-founder, multiple startups 2009-2017 (with an exit in 2020)
  • Design Director, Chargebee 2018
  • Marketing Head - Invention Labs 2017, HyperVerge 2019-20, Freadom 2020-21

Amrut is a true generalist with multiple interests and competencies. He is curious, thrives in ambiguity and loves to solve puzzles - like an innovator. He loves to mentor and collaborate. And wishes to be a visionary someday.

Core Team

Radhika Chugh

Strategy, Storyteller, Generalist

  • Head of Marketing, Detect Technologies 2021-22
  • Product Marketer - Freshworks 2019-21, Facilio 2018-19, Wingify 2017-18

Radhika leads CoreVoice's product marketing practice. She loves to brainstorm and talks a lot (honestly, she doesn't stop). She pets every animal she sees, wants to work from new locations, and is in CoreVoice to "optimise for joy."

Priya Poddar

  • Growth Marketer - Freadom 21-22, Sahapedia 2017-20
  • Social Media Consultant - various startups

Priya is a growth marketer at CoreVoice. She's an aspiring generalist and has worked with startups since 2014. She loves collaboration, listening to founder stories and finding great reels.

Piyush Adwani

Storyteller, Pun-dit, Generalist-in-training

  • Product Manager, Jai Kisan 2021-22

Piyush likes to crack puns and punish us with that. He loves improvising and finding his answer to “what makes an ideal life” when he’s not creating and managing content at CoreVoice.

Other CVlians at our HQ: Sumiran, Pracheta, Asif, Beverly, Lavanya.
Some of our collaborators: Roughpaper, Rirev, Jo & Co, ...

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